Vanessa Giraldo Ruiz
Interior Design

Vanessa's warmth and joyful spirit is contagious, making her an asset to any team. Her vibrant personality and passion for design are evident in every project she undertakes. Having started her global design journey in 2015 from Medellin, Colombia, Vanessa strongly believes in the importance of diversity in design, which is essential as it allows us to view the world through different lenses of empathy promoting bridges rather than walls. Her unwavering determination and enthusiasm are reflected in her commitment to creating meaningful and inclusive spaces that promote the well-being and growth of communities. Beyond her design work, Vanessa actively seeks out joy and opportunities to broaden her horizons. She cultivates mindfulness, reads about personal development, and finds solace in nature through hiking and gardening. She also loves to immerse herself in new cultures, whether it's by cooking, traveling to new destinations, or learning French.