Trang Nguyen
Interior Design

Trang is a persistent and honest person. She is organized, observant and pays close attention to small details. As a design student, she finds interest in minimal construction and creating spaces that can bring people and nature together.Trang's design philosophy is to create spaces with moments of delight for the people who encounter it. Delight can come in different forms to different people, this is where empathy comes in. She believes it is a mix of form, function and value that creates that intangible emotional connection to a well designed thing.In her free time, Trang enjoys baking, making cocktails and spending time with her family and friends. She loves going to the beach and trying out new food. Within her friend group, Trang is known to be a goofy and bubbly person. However, she might act like an introvert and be quiet when she is around new people. She likes to have her own quiet moments at times, but she is always open to meeting new people and creating new connections.