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Roadkill Jamboree
Animation & Illustration

Roadkill Jamboree is a stop-motion / 2D hybrid music video about how roads and drivers affect animals. Our story centers around a band of five undead animals that span various species found along Interstate Highway 5. Each animal in the band represents a different type of creature native to California while embodying different reasons animals end up on the road.

Our film is aimed at new and beginning drivers ages 16-25. As many of the people who are working on this project fall into this age range we have all been subjected to various informative but forgettable PSAs over the years. We hope that with our film being a dark comedy our message will leave a lasting impact on the audience and lead them to understand that roadkill is a much more complex issue than just an animal being hit by a car.

We would not have been able to create this film without the awesome music performed by the ska punk band, Suburban Legends. Suburban Legends has brought a level of professionalism and polish to our film. As we are a music video they have gone above and beyond to make these characters come to life.

We hope you enjoy, thank you, and drive safely!

BFA Team:

Director & Stop Motion Lead - Meghan Graham

Art Lead - Megan Cheung

Art Lead - Katharine Taddei

2D Animation Lead & Story Lead - Angelina Macedo

Story Lead - Benny Roybal

2D Animator - Devon Ferguson

2D Animator & Story Artist - Hallie Trzcinski

Animation & Illustration