Nathan Shehadeh
Interior Design

With an intuitive eye and a natural inclination towards special design, Nathan Shehadeh began drawing plans and elevations from an early age; even without knowing what plans and elevations were. Nathan has gravitated towards thoughtful, site-sensitive design principles with values rooted in quality materials, unobtrusive design, and self-sufficiency for the user. Nathan’s dream of design began young and he has thoughtfully and methodically taken steps to achieve his dream through meticulous study andhard work. Nathan started his higher education journey by studying architecture history, fashion design, and participating in two transformative study abroad programs in Japan and France. After transferring to SJSU, Nathan’s initial focus was industrial design, but after receiving acceptance into SJSU’s BS ID Industrial Design program, he found his interests lay in crafting unique, experiential environments and spaces; in lieu of product designed, he transitioned to Interior Design. Nathan has pursued multiple leadership roles and has been a lauded member of the student body. He has been a professor’s teaching assistant, studio monitor, and for his senior year, formed the Senior Show Committee as the lead planner and mobilizer of the years’ premiere event showcase. As a proven leader dedicated to success, Nathan has established his own sole-proprietorship as a design consultant as of 2022. To date, he has consulted on three locally owned and operated coffee shops within the Bay Area, representing a drive and determination to succeed that is uniquely his own. Nathan intends to expand his skillset with additional education in architecture, construction, and fabrication. Nathan Shehadeh’s experience and values are ultimately driving him to be a multi-faceted designer. With a curious mind, he is always intent on honing his skills through all avenues of design, focused on sustainability, functionality, aesthetics, and client satisfaction.