Madelyn Johnson
Interior Design

Madelyn is a charismatic person who aspires to bring positive energy to the people that surround her. She often stays curious, exploring her artistic abilities from time to time and finds herself anxious to see where the design world will take her in the near future. Over the course of being a design student, she has discovered that her love for a neutral palette and appreciation for materials and textures has lead her to believe that simplicity is beauty. Her designs are purposeful and intentional using intricate materials and textures that allow the story to be told on their own. She strives to create moments of peace, appreciation, and inspiration in a space as her love for design continues to grow. Traveling, experiencing, and sparking creativity are things she loves to do if time allows. Traveling is an opportunity for the soul to be inspired by different cultures, architecture, and habits that we not be used to. Painting, drawing, and creating are things that are inspired by these experiences that are so impactful in her life.