Klara Welson
Interior Design

Klara spent her childhood in different countries located in the Middle East and immigrated to the United States almost ten years ago. Different cultures shaped her personality to become a thoughtful designer who understands users' needs. She’s known for her generosity and compassion for others. As a designer, she plays with curves and develops organic forms that create a dynamic atmosphere in the space. She is inspired by nature and natural elements that transfer into unique designs. She escapes stress by practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to achieve calmness and serenity. Klara is perceived as clear, calm, and creative. Her designs aim to challenge the norm, whether creating interiors, exteriors, furniture, and lighting design. Her color palette is neutral and earthy, with pops of colors induced by fruit colors to give a taste to the design. She has experience working with clients in residential and commercial projects assisting in space planning, selecting customized furniture pieces, and introducing new sustainable materials. By embracing the natural world and challenging traditional paradigms, she hopes to leave a lasting legacy of innovation, beauty, and sustainability in the design world.