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Jizelle Manalo
Animation & Illustration

Jizelle Manalo is a Filipino-American storyboard artist from the Bay Area. During their BFA year, they worked on their expressive storytelling in the He’s Morally Broke project. However, on their boards, they keep things on the sillier side. Their passion for storytelling stems from their love to get reactions, always looking for a creative way to input gags even in the highest of stakes. This love to create comedic art started when they created comics in middle school. Now they plan on animating their passion projects for further laughs as well as creating media that includes the messages they want to see. Besides art, Jizelle dabbles in cooking, sewing, makeup, and even skating. One of Jizelle’s greatest goals is to work in an industry they love as well as own a café that is artist-friendly.

Animation & Illustration