Brenda Muñoz
Interior Design

Brenda's passion for interior design was ignited at a young age when her father, who worked in the construction field, would take her to job sites. This exposure to the industry sparked her interest and fueled her desire to pursue a career in Interior Design. After gaining valuable experience at a residential firm, Brenda aspired to expand her expertise and knowledge by exploring the commercial aspect of Interior Design.Brenda's unwavering dedication to helping others is matched only by her impeccable attention to detail and commitment in her work. She thrives on the process of learning and continually seeking out new techniques and design styles to create truly unique and creative designs. Brenda's enthusiasm for life radiates to those around her, and she takes great pleasure in sharing her joy with others. Her insatiable curiosity fuels her exploration of the world, both in terms of design and her personal interests. When not engaged in designing, Brenda can be found exploring the city with her family, savoring a good cup of coffee, hiking, and seeking out new outdoor adventures.