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Biting Dust
Animation & Illustration

After a wolf attack leaves his wife severely wounded, a cowboy's journey to retrieve lifesaving water forces him to come face-to-face with his own rage. Biting Dust is a 2D animated short film aiming to explore the complexities of human emotions, especially love, guilt, and anger. The story is inspired by the arguments we've had where hurtful words were exchanged, unintentional or with purpose. Although our anger may be justified, how we choose to deal with it can be the difference between healing or continuing the cycle of hurting one another. Biting Dust’s goal is to encourage viewers to think at least twice before acting on a strong emotion, especially a negative one.

BFA Team:

Director, Animation Lead, & Story Artist - Thuy Du Tran

Producer & Compositor - Kiana Luong

Art Director - Cindy Hoang

Story Lead & Animator - Hana Weissman

Visual Development - Shelby Dela Cruz

Visual Development - Viktoryia Ivashkevich

Animation & Illustration