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Amongst The Myrtle Trees
Animation & Illustration

Amongst The Myrtle Trees is a 2D animated short film centering around Camellia, a reverend's daughter in 1800's Mexico, and her struggle between following her heart and appeasing her father and his superstitious congregation. Magic thrives in the nooks and crannies of the woods surrounding her hometown, where Camellia meets in secret with Myrtle, the girl she loves. There's a reason they meet in secret, however; Myrtle is a mythical tree spirit called a dryad, and these are the very creatures Father's church preaches against. They fear their magic and condemn them, but Camellia doesn't want to hide anymore and plans on introducing Myrtle to Father and his congregation, which is where we begin the story of the film! Watch to see how her coming out unfolds and what the fate of these two will be at the hands of the congregation.

BFA Team:

Co-Director - Yisel Tapia

Co-Director - Carson Stringer

Animation/Story - Lucille Hatfield

Visual Development Lead - Netanya Carmona

Visual Development - Katarina Ayson

Visual Development - Katie Zhang

Animation & Illustration