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A Trace
Animation & Illustration

A Trace is a 3D Animated short film in which a young girl learns to shed her guilt about her absent father. A young girl tries to draw her family, but hesitates when she realizes that she doesn't remember what her Father looks like. After she completes her drawing, the paper mysteriously begins to move... and the drawing of the Father comes to life right off the page! The Daughter eagerly tries to catch the drawing of The Father, inciting a chase throughout her bedroom! This film experiments with the 3D medium by featuring a flat character that is  animated in a 3D environment! Additionally, this film experimented with animating in various frame-rates and utilizing a toon shader for the rendering process. This youthful film hopes to tell a story that empowers those who have grown up with absent parents.

BFA Team:

Director - Julietta Zamora Lam

Art Director & Modeling Lead - Mak Archer

Rigging & Technical Lead - Charles Mesa Cayobit

Animation Lead - Marco Perez

Rigging & 3D Modeling - Heather Lai

3D Modeling - Kimi Kawai

3D Animator - Marissa Burckhardt

3D Animator - Vy Nguyen

Visual Development & 3D Modeling - Ian Mahoney

Story Artist - Jeremy Baehr

Animation & Illustration