Yiyi Qiu

Hello, I'm Yiyi (翊宜). The character "翊" may not be familiar to everyone, but its essence encapsulates the notions of "wing" or "flight," symbolizing freedom and elevation. Additionally, it shares its pronunciation with "翼," meaning "assist" or "help," adding depth to its meaning. Despite its complexity in strokes, my name is straightforward to pronounce. "Unrestrained and imaginative," "assist and support," and "simple and functional" are three interpretations derived from my name, reflecting both my personality and design ethos. Design, to me, is a responsive process. I begin by meticulously identifying and defining the challenges for innovative solutions. My academic background lies in interior design, where I aim to embrace a multidisciplinary approach. I'm passionate about exploring the intersections of various fields, and fostering creativity and innovation.

The standard hotel

The Standard Hotel project aims to convert the 10th and 11th floors of The Standard Hotel into student dormitories until the economy recovers, while the 12th-floor rooftop will be transformed into a community-oriented "third place" for all guests. The design will focus on biomimicry and parametric design, inspired by natural forms, to create better human social and living spaces in the post-COVID era.
Conceptual hotel design

Tenant Improvement

The project is to reconfigure an existing 47,000 SF space to develop an office to suit the current requirements based in San Diego, CA. OnePlus is an upcoming tech company that is rising through the ranks and has been gaining recent exposure. They are looking to expand their offices and connect with potential investors, vendors, and industry peers in their new space.
Office Design