Violet Korn

My name is Violet Korn and a fun fact about me is that I love to travel! I love to see how others live and how this relates to their culture as well as their traditions. I have always been around design and construction, whether it was my parent’s redesigning their home, or my friends parents who were in the construction industry. With this background and through my travels I have seen many different ways of building and designing, which have inspired me to become an interior designer. I have grown a great interest in sustainable building and living, and value and believe it to be essential to the future of design for our world. As a designer I really want to help people with creating not only visually pleasing environments, but also designing in a practical way to serve people’s needs. There are so many different ways of living and viewing the world that it is necessary to create spaces that all people feel welcome to. I also value and believe that storytelling is very important as it gives design purpose and anchors every design decision. Therefore, my experiences and goals as a designer have inspired me to pursue residential, hospitality, and retail design. Through my time in university, I have discovered a passion for glass blowing, and ceramics. I also love handcrafts, such as upcycling furniture, 3D printing, and laser cutting.

Mercado de Arte

The WOW Concept Building in Madrid, Spain, was reimagined as an art and community center, focusing on creativity and local engagement across its basement, ground floor, and second floor. Our aim was to infuse mercado culture into the art center, providing a hub for artistic interaction and relaxation amidst the city’s energy. Inspired by Madrid’s market culture, each floor serves a distinct purpose: the ground floor as a market, the second for workshops and galleries, and the basement for relaxation and performances. Therefore in keeping with the original structure, specifically the arches and columns, we also integrate biophilia and more natural lighting as another driving force of our design.
Art & Community Building


The concept of the tenant improvement project of the company Outdoorsy, is to bring the outdoors inside through biophilia and the camping experience specifically through furniture elements. Outdoorsy’s mission statement is for people to “experience the magic of the outdoors in the best RV rentals on the planet.” It allows people who don’t own RVs to experience the RV lifestyle, while those that own RVs are able to make a passive income by renting them out. This office space is divided into geographical areas like deserts and forests, with a base camp breakroom on each floor that as a whole brings the camping lifestyle and experience inside.
Tenant Improvement

Peanuts Pediatric Clinic

The IIDA Student Design Competition tasked participants with creating a pediatric clinic in Baltimore, Maryland; focusing on healing spaces, intuitive wayfinding, and post-pandemic considerations. Our solution transformed the clinic into a child-friendly environment inspired by Peanuts, incorporating comforting elements and interactive features. Nostalgia is evoked through colors, graphics, and murals, while post-pandemic needs like adaptability, safety, and sensory considerations are addressed. The design aims to alleviate anxiety and create a positive experience for patients, families, and staff, with interactive elements like Snoopy’s dog house adding to the engaging atmosphere.
Pediatric Clinic

The Allie Provost’s ADU

Ms. Provost is a seasoned marketer, fashion enthusiast, and freelance photographer since 2017. Based in New York, she frequently visits her parents in California and requires a remodeled ADU to accommodate her photography business and lifestyle preferences, including functionality, ample storage, a private bedroom, dedicated office, and vibrant design elements. The redesign focuses on converting the guest bedroom into an office, enhancing circulation in the living room, and enlarging the kitchen island to facilitate casual dinners. Allie’s distinctive style is reflected through bold colors, patterns, and vintage details, ensuring a personalized and functional space.
Accessory Dwelling Unit