Victoria Schellenberg

Victoria Schellenberg is a graduating senior at San Jose State University, receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design with a minor in Park Ranger and Administration. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, she was exposed to her mother's home staging endeavors and her father's high-end painting business, igniting a passion for creativity and aesthetic expression from an early age. Initially drawn to architecture, Victoria ultimately found her true calling in Interior Design, enticed by the prospect of greater creative freedom. After moving to California in 2014, Victoria developed a profound appreciation for nature and outdoor hobbies such as hiking, skiing, and scuba diving. Her passion for these activities fuels her creativity and provides a unique perspective on design, infusing her work with a sense of adventure and exploration. However, her relocation was eye-opening in another way; Victoria was deeply moved by the widespread homelessness crisis plaguing the region and felt compelled to make a difference. While pursuing an Associates degree in Residential Interior Design at West Valley College in 2018, she began collaborating with a non-profit organization to design and construct nearly twenty tiny house units to date. These efforts aimed to provide a safe haven for individuals grappling with housing insecurity, reflecting Victoria's unwavering commitment to using her design skills to contribute impactful solutions to pressing societal issues. Alongside her efforts to address housing insecurities, Victoria also exhibits a keen interest in hospitality design. Her enthusiasm lies in creating inviting and functional spaces that elicit positivity and exceed the expectations of modern travelers. Having traveled to over twenty countries herself, she brings a wealth of cultural experiences to her work. As she embarks on the next phase of her career, relocating to San Diego after graduation, Victoria is poised to apply her diverse skill set and dedication to creating memorable and impactful design solutions within the hospitality and residential sector, all while maintaining her commitment to excellence and innovation.

Clean Slate

In collaboration with the San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School, I served as the Interior Designer for the design and build of this Tiny House, which was constructed by our team to accommodate the school's population that struggles with housing insecurities. The design ethos behind this Tiny House, called Clean Slate, symbolizes a fresh start for its occupants. Numerous biophilic elements were incorporated such as warm wooden textures, soothing neutral paint palettes, and abundant natural light to foster feelings of tranquility among the residents. This initiative represents a fusion of my passion for design and commitment to social justice, as we strive to provide housing solutions for those in need within our community. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree, I aspire to continue spearheading similar projects that make a meaningful impact on society.
Tiny House

One Tree Hill Community Center

The One Tree Hill Community Center, located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India, reflects the vision of architect Samira Rathod and local stakeholders. By retrofitting the main community space with collapsible emergency housing units, the aim is to empower the community to provide aid in the aftermath of natural disasters like cyclones, fires, tsunamis, flooding, or monsoons. These adaptable units will offer flexible space to accommodate families and individuals as required. This initiative underscores a commitment to socially responsible design, ensuring that communities are equipped and supported during times of crisis.
Emergency Housing

Standard Hotel

As the pandemic drastically reduced visitation numbers, the Standard Hotel stood still. To revitalize the establishment and draw in more visitors, plans are in motion to introduce a rotating exhibition space. This dynamic area will feature showcases of various natural phenomena, from the northern lights to lightning storms and diverse solar events. A customized floor-to-ceiling HD screen will be the centerpiece, displaying renowned photography and videography. Surrounding pedestals will offer additional factual information and samples related to the exhibit theme. These initiatives aim not only to boost foot traffic but also to captivate tourists within the bustling atmosphere of Los Angeles.
Hospitality Design

Create Studios

In Reno, artists face the challenge of finding a dedicated space to fully immerse themselves in their craft and engage with a vibrant artistic community. Introducing "Create Studios," an innovative artist hub in Reno, Nevada, designed to address these needs. This facility features individual pods for rent, constructed from sleek materials that provide a modern and inspiring workspace. Crisp concrete accents throughout the studio create an industrial-chic ambiance, while shelving units offer ample storage for artists' supplies and works. In addition to the state-of-the-art pods, Create Studios boasts specialized facilities such as a pottery room equipped with a kiln, providing artists with the tools they need to bring their visions to life. Through a diverse range of workshops and events, Create Studios aims to empower artists to explore their creativity while fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
Artist Studio