Alex Luc

I was always averse to pursuing a career path that involved any type of creativity. I had wrote it off since a young age. In any art related class, I struggled. Through graphic design I learned that creativity isn't bound to any one medium. We can all find our own unique ways of showcasing that creativity. It's taught me to look at the world differently. The concepts I learned throughout this program, I look at a lot of things through those lenses now.

A Golden Gateway

Exhibition about Joseph Strauss and how he impacted the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. Acting as a gateway for learning more about him, early life, accomplishments, and construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Exhibition design
DSGD 120

A Solution in the Stars

A hypothetical tech conference concept, revolving around the rise of new and emerging satellite based internet.
Conference Brand
DSGD 105

Creative Capital

Visual redesign of creative capital, a nonprofit grantmaking organization that funds artists, and gives them the tools they need to pursue their creative endeavors
Nonprofit Organization Rebranding
DSGD 105