Thomas Wong

Hi! I am Tsz Kit Wong, though you can also call me Thomas. Originally from Hong Kong, I relocated to the United States at the age of 16, which has enabled me to fluently communicate in both Chinese and English. I am pursuing my passion for interior design as a student at San Jose State University. For me, interior design is a privilege; it embodies the art of creation and harnesses the profound power of design. I find immense satisfaction in transforming spaces, turning concepts into realities. My particular fascination lies in linework drawing, especially section drawings. These intricate drawings not only depict the entirety of a space but also reveal how users interact with it. There's an undeniable thrill in meticulously crafting these drawings, observing how line weights subtly shape our perception of space.


A versatile bench design suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, drawing inspiration from triangular shapes to enhance its modular functionality.
Furniture Design

The Standard Hotel

Due to its prime location in downtown LA, The Standard Hotel benefits from its proximity to the UCLA campus. Plans are underway to transform the rooftop into a THIRD PLACE, open to all guests for social and community activities. The design will draw inspiration from Biomimicry, utilizing a chosen form as a foundation, and incorporating parametric design principles to reimagine and repurpose spaces for enhanced human social interactions and living environments in the post-COVID era.
Hotel Rooftop