Chris Columbres

From an early age I knew that I wanted to be in the creative field. I chose graphic design because I liked drawing so I thought design would’ve been more or less the same with just adding type to the mix. I was so wrong and getting into the BFA program introduced me to a whole new world that I could never have imagined. I used to be only inspired by my own passions like cartoons and video games, but my peers have broadened my views and inspire me beyond my personal interests and aesthetics. Knowing that there are an array of options I could do as a designer makes me so excited to be even more proficient in them in the future.

Art Beyond Reality

Art Beyond Reality is a virtual presentation of what virtual reality can offer, showcasing a new revolutionary way to experience art.
Branding & Animation
DSGD 105

Creative Capital

Creative Capital is a nonprofit, grant making organization with the mission to fund artists in the creation of groundbreaking new work, to amplify the impact of their work, and to foster sustainable artistic careers.
Nonprofit Organization Rebranding
DSGD 105


Krunchi is a kimchi product line that comes in 3 flavors and has a set for a refillable fermentation box to foster reusable packaging and provide a fun, fresh, and healthy eating experience.
3D Product Design & Packaging
DSGD 141

The Nook

The Nook is a small kiosk space that provides a place of comfort for students to relax, vibe, socialize, and just to have fun playing a game while they rejuvenate and energize themselves with a warm can of coffee.
P.O.P Kiosk
DSGD 141

E-40 Bay Area Hustler Exhibition

The goal of this exhibition project was to choose someone who has positively impacted the Bay Area and I chose to celebrate the legacy and influence of the Bay Area Rapper E-40.
3D & Exhibition
DSGD 120