Paola Bermudez

Design to me is finding beautiful solutions to difficult questions. From a young age, I had always hoped to build a future that allowed me to express my creative side. This is what eventually drew me into the BFA program after years of career uncertainty. After two long stressful and rewarding years, I can confidently say I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given, works created, and deep friendships formed.

Y2K–A Future That Never Came

This shelter poster was made to encapsulate the historic significance of the Y2K design movement through visual examples, as well and educational information and data.
Shelter Poster

Wolfgang Weingart

These posters and stamps were made to commemorate the works on legendary designer, Wolfgang Weingart. I did this by using typographical and visual elements that lend to his style, as well as mine.
Commemorative Stamps & Panel

Sena's Week

These infographic posters depict a week in the life of my fellow classmate, Sena. They visually encapsulate the obstacles she faced during the first week of her third semester as a BFA design student at San Jose State University.
DSGD 120


SAG-AFTRA is an American labor union that represents media professionals worldwide. This rebrand focuses on highlighting their members’ passions, such as acting, music, and dance, while also celebrating unity through artistry.
Nonprofit Advocacy Organization Rebrand
DSGD 131


Do you ever wake up feeling absolutely dead? With a blend of vitamins, caffeine, and a dash of zombie charm, Undead energy gummies give you the brains and boost you need to revive yourself and come back to life.
3D Product Design & Packaging
DSGD 141

Pandemic Dreams

The New York Times article titled “Did Covid Change How We Dream?”, dives into the unexpected effects the COVID–19 pandemic had on our dreams. These New York Times Covers use clever symbolism to highlight common themes of isolation, anxiety, and claustrophobia reported in people’s dreams.
New York Times Covers
DSGD 110