Orianna Castillo

At a young age, I knew that my future career would be in the creative field. I sought out a new outlet of creativity every chance that I got. After accidentally taking a graphic design class my last semester of high school, everything just made sense. Design became the bridge that links everything I love about creating. I pursued graphic design in community college and was encouraged by my professor to transfer to SJSU and apply for the BFA Graphic Design program. Joining this program was the best decision I’ve made, as I have been pushed to my greatest potential.

Colocho: Curly Hair Care

A line of hair care products for people who want to bring life back to their curls. Colocho will revive heat damaged curls and give you the confidence you need to rock your natural hair. Your younger self would be proud.
3D Product Design & Packaging
DSGD 141

Digital Twins

This tech conference discusses the importance of digital twins and how the advancement of machine learning and factors such as big data, have made these virtual models become a staple in modern engineering to drive innovation while also helping improve performance.
Tech Conference Branding
DSGD 131

TWIST: The Art of Liberation

This exhibit focuses on Barry McGee, who had a significant impact on the graffiti art scene in San Francisco, CA.
Exhibition Design
DSGD 120


Soliquid is a healthy and refreshing brand that sells frescos as either a popsicle or a drink. A fun and tasty way to stay hydrated. Would you like a SOLID or LIQUID?
P.O.P Kiosk
DSGD 141