Oliver Chen

My name is Ching Fang Chen, or I go by Oliver, other than doing graphic design, I build Gunpla, watch anime. My journey into art and design began as a child who loved reading comic books and drawing, sparking my desire to express my thoughts and ideas creatively. After high school, I made the decision to travel from my hometown in Taiwan across the Pacific to the United States to explore and learn from different cultures and people.


The concept of this conference revolves around exploring how Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are revolutionizing the shopping experience and why the retail industry needs to pay attention.
Technology Conference Design
DSGD 131

Why Can We Only Be Honest When We’re Anonymous?

The article "Why Can We Only Be Honest When We’re Anonymous?" discusses how the internet influences people's behavior in expressing honest opinions and revealing their true selves.
New York Times Covers
DSGD 110

Consumer Technology Association

The original Consumer Technology Association logo lacked distinctive characteristics. The new brand design draws inspiration from circuit boards to symbolize technology.
Organization Rebranding
DSGD 131

Formosa Skewers

Formosa Skewer aims to bring the flavors of home to Taiwanese international students at SJSU, offering easy access to familiar cuisine. By providing a space where students can gather, it helps boosting community connections, allowing individuals to meet others from the same cultural background.
P.O.P Kiosk
DSGD 141

Life on the Surface

The aim of this poster is to elucidate the evolution of app icon design, tracing its origins from real-life object inspiration to the contemporary trend of flat design.
Shelter Poster