Shulan Rao

I’m a senior student in the interior design BFA program at San Jose State University. I am passionate about the interplay between people and space, recognizing it as the heartbeat of design. I am also fascinated by how our surroundings shape our experiences or emotions and how thoughtful design can elevate these interactions. While focusing on creating functional and comfortable spaces, I prioritize adherence to building codes and ensuring smooth circulation, maximizing efficiency and utilization of every inch. Embracing a practical approach, I prioritize project implementation as equally essential as creative ideation. Through understanding the client's needs, site research, and thorough survey, I ensure that my designs are grounded in practicality and tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. As a team player, I emphasize efficient communication and meticulously pay attention to both budgetary constraints and project timelines. Additionally, sustainability is a driving force behind my design philosophy as it has the potential to transform our thinking, production methods, and way of life. As an interior designer, it’s imperative to consider the environmental impact of our work and strive to minimize damage to the natural world by employing sustainable design methods and materials to achieve cost-effective and eco-friendly designs.

Mercado de Arte

The WOW building, situated in a mature business district amidst the City's iconic sites in Madrid, is a historical landmark bustling with life and activities. Despite its vibrancy, the area suffers from a lack of green spaces, poor air quality, and constant noise pollution. Our objective, informed by thorough site analysis, is to infuse the Mercado culture into the art center, creating a green oasis where people can engage with the local art community and unwind from the urban hustle and bustle.
Hospitality, Art Center

The Standard Hotel

Faced with The Standard Hotel's closure due to COVID-19, the design sought to boost room reservations and revenue while fostering deeper community engagement. The challenge lies in achieving these objectives while preserving the hotel's boutique identity. By integrating the hotel into the community, multifunctional spaces were created to host authentic local experiences, community events, and amenities like cafes and retail stores. This initiative also generated job opportunities for locals, fostering economic growth and enhancing the hotel's revenue stream.
Hospitality, hotel lobby, event room and retail

Imperfect Food Airstream Renovation

Imperfect Foods is dedicated to reducing food waste and improving the food system. They offer affordable, imperfect yet delicious produce, pantry items, eggs, dairy, proteins, and more, delivered weekly to your door. The Airstream serves as a mobile pop-up store in downtown San Jose. It is a convenient pick-up station for online grocery orders, as well as a marketing platform with small events to showcase food items. Taking cues from the iconic net bag, the design concept embodies organic shapes reminiscent of a bag brimming with fresh groceries, using sustainable materials and bending wood techniques.
Hospitality, pop-up store