Romina Antonio

I’ve been collecting paint swatches since the moment my family and I had moved out of our two-bedroom apartment. Little did I know that I’d pursue interior design as a career. Living in the Silicon Valley has opened so many doors for me, seeing that I was born and raised on the Central Coast where design opportunities were limited. As a designer, my goal is to create interiors that are flexible, accessible, and all-inclusive. I also want to source local materials with sustainability at the forefront of my projects. Interior design cannot move forward if we continue to neglect our environment. Above all, I value honesty, attention to detail, and individuality in my work. I enjoy problem-solving within the realm of design and strive to provide practical solutions.

The Standard

Covid-19 affected various industries since 2020. One industry that has suffered immensely is the field of hospitality design as hotels, bars, and restaurants were forced to shut down for months. The Standard will provide a new luxury hotel experience with an emphasis on the rooftop and outdoor spaces in an effort to create a safe space for students and visitors. The Standard Hotel sits in a primary location downtown near the UCLA campus. Two levels of the hotel’s guest rooms on the 10th and 11th floor will be converted to house students in a temporary dormitory setting. A rooftop on the 12th floor will act as a third place where guests can come together for social and community activities. Design will focus on biomimicry of a selected form as a starting point, combining parametric design to rethink and reuse the spaces for better accommodation for human social and living spaces after COVID.
Tenant Improvement


Inspired by Quip’s sleek and minimally designed products, the cafe embraces smooth, rounded corners and pops of mint green to reinforce branding. Stark white countertopds are contrasted by black ceiling fixtures from which spherical pendent lights are suspended. A portion of the cafe is dedicated to catering events while coffee, pastries, and refreshments are provided throughout the day. The space also offers three types of seating arrangements, giving users a full range of options to choose from. This area can be found on the mezzanine and is accessible through a flight of stairs or elevator.
Tenant Improvement

Felted Cove

We often associate felt with characteristics of warmth, comfort, and flexibility. These traits are contrasted by the cold environment we designed around the Cove Sofa, allowing the pieces to take center stage. When it came to designing the sofa itself, we considered fabrication methods and sustainability of the material. Through the process of iteration, we settled on a configuration that fit one person on either side.
Furniture and Space Design