Sarah Novak

Growing up, I observed subtle visual patterns, from tiled ceilings to car tail light details. This ignited my appreciation for intentional design—distinct from art. Through this program, I've discovered my passion for the design process, constantly questioning and seeking solutions. I want to blend analytical and creative abilities to solve problems and enhance both experiences and perceptions to make the world a more beautiful and enjoyable place. I hope to surround myself with other design-driven individuals whose passion is not only vocalized, but shown.

This Means Nothing

Promotional poster for an exhibition revolving around DADA design, with an emphasis on their philosophy, typography, and photomontage influence on design today.
Shelter Poster


Superapps conference poster animates to reveal the different layers within the superapp, showcasing how many different features are available in one app.
Tech Conference Branding
DSGD 105

PEN International

PEN International brand incorporates the pen nib as it's main logo, switching out the breathing hole icon to convey the sub-brands.
Nonprofit Organization Rebranding
DSGD 105

His PTSD and My Struggle to Live With It

Different magazine covers conveying the same article narrative, using different visual indicators.
New York Times Magazine Covers
DSGD 110


Ground re-invents coffee and herbal brew packaging to lessen the amount of plastics by providing a refillable container, accompanied by aluminum can refills.
3D Product Design & Packaging
DSGD 141

Hear to Listen

Hear to Listen analyzes and sums up a week in the life of Katarina, a student in the BFA Graphic Design program. Given a weeks worth of only voice memo recordings, the information was broken down into categories, then further contextualized.
Infographic Poster
DSGD 120