Vivian Zhao

Art has been a constant in my life, encouraged by my Chinese American family. Amid various extracurricular activities, weekend art classes became a ritual. Art's innate presence in me was always evident to my parents. While dreaming of an art career, I unexpectedly discovered graphic design during a college digital media art class. Captivated by website creation, coding, and Adobe tools, I switched from Teaching Art to BA Graphic Design. Taking a chance, I entered SJSU's BFA program, now 1 of 18 students. This decision exposed me to invaluable friendships and design growth.Joining this program was a pivotal and rewarding choice and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Dream Recording

The conference explores dream recording tech for detailed dream records, aiding research and personal growth, with my role covering branding and design.
Tech Conference Branding
DSGD 105

A Friends Day in the Life

The project involved exchanging data with my friend Margarita (Maggie) Granjeda, an illustrator and graphic designer. I created an infographic comparing Maggie's lifestyle at home and school, highlighting her vibrant personality and illustrative skills.
Infographic Poster
DSGD 120


The project aimed to revamp ASPCA's branding through logo redesign, motion graphics, patterns, products, website, and Instagram ads, effectively capturing the organization's mission with symbolic illustrations.
Nonprofit Organization Rebrand
DSGD 105

Path Finder

The project developed the travel app PathFinder, streamlining trip planning stress through AI. Insights from interviews refined the app for an enhanced travel experience.
Mobile App Design
DSGD 132

Her Own Little Universe

The project aims to create a cohesive illustration series, allowing me to choose topics and styles freely. My task is to ensure each illustration harmonizes, forming a visually engaging series.
Image Making
DSGD 110