Rachel Lam

I have always been interested in art and design since a young age. I love looking at stores for their creative packaging designs and greeting cards. My family and friends always call me the artist and ask me for design-related help. I would’ve never thought that I would end up at SJSU for BFA graphic design if it weren’t for my high school digital art teacher who recommended me to apply to SJSU and try applying for the program. With only one university application submitted to SJSU, a little bit of luck, and a lot of support from my loving family, I set myself on a design journey. Despite my conditional acceptance in the initial semester, uncertainties loomed over my final admission due to the program's intense competitiveness and personal loss. I’m glad my professors saw potential in me and gave me a chance. Thank you to all my professors and peers in the program, I can’t wait to see we all strive in the design field.

Shooting for Greatness: Steve Kerr

The purpose of this exhibition was not just to showcase Steve Kerr’s thrilling athletic achievements but also to provide the audience with a glimpse into the profound tragedy that has shaped him into a symbol of social justice.
Exhibition Design
DSGD 120

How Far Is Far?

The central idea is branding for the conference on the topic of infrared space telescope technology. Informing more people about this kind of interesting space technology of mankind.
Tech Conference Branding
DSGD 105

“It’s a Terrible Thing When a Grown Person Does Not Belong to Herself”

This undertaking involves crafting a series of New York Times Magazine covers inspired by one of their articles. The selected article for my design endeavor is titled "It’s a Terrible Thing When a Grown Person Does Not Belong to Herself."
Image Making
DSGD 110

Through the Cyber Space & Stuck in Social Media Traffic

This project involves developing an infographic to present data gathered from a randomly selected classmate, Janae Chan, spanning one week.
DSGD 120

Super Flat

This project revolves around the designer Takashi Murakami who is a Japanese contemporary artist who was born and raised in Tokyo Japan.
Stamps and Panel Design

Churn: Not Just Butter

CHURN is an organic butter brand that focuses on unique flavors rather than just normal butter and enhances the fun side of butter.
3D Product Design & Packaging
DSGD 141