Juliana Francisco

My name is Juliana Francisco and I am a Filipino-American student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at San Jose State University. The creative design world has always been a passion of mine growing up ranging from fashion design, drawing, crafts, and room design, in which I used these hobbies as an outlet to happiness. These interests drove me to want to pursue the Interior Design field where I get to combine all my passions into one, but to be able to create for those around me. Interior Design means much more than choosing furniture pieces and color palettes, I believe it is about the intention of designing spaces with a purpose and prioritizing the connections and experience it can create for its users. With my client consultation experience in the beauty industry, I utilize those same skills in being able to understand and design customizable spaces aligned with their goals and values, along with the importance of aesthetics and comfortability. I am really inspired by natural forms and textures that are able to ground luxurious designs in a way that combines new vs. old. I would consider myself a fast and eager learner who strives for professional and creative growth in every project that comes my way with the enthusiasm for collaboration work and innovative design discoveries that positively impact our environment through sustainability projects.

Lulu Lemon

The objective of this project is to redesign the classic Airstream trailer into a mobile retail space that reflects the selected client’s branding. My chosen client is Lululemon Athletica which is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits. By focusing on material specifications, I translated their company graphics and branding into an aesthetic of sleek, minimalistic and grounded design, reflecting their overall mood of the company.
Retail Design


The challenge of this project was to redesign an existing office for a selected client/company and efficiently space plan a successful work environment that exhibits brand identity. Miro’s mission is to empower remote, in-office, and hybrid teams to collaborate seamlessly, transcending the limitations of physical location. Aligning with their company dynamic, the concept of collaboration and interconnectedness inspired my radial spatial planning that has a central point on each floor that transitions into open office and huddle spaces. The furniture selected also adds a layer of adaptability , enabling easy reconfiguration based on the specific functions of the space.
Tenant Improvement

Harmony Hub

The objective of this project was to redesign an existing bank into an art center that creates a sense of community and responds to site analysis through the use of primitive designs and a global decision. After researching and discovering Reno’s popular art culture, the Harmony Hub is designed as a music based art center that promotes connection and community through the celebration of music’s past, present and future. The program of the building includes retail, music education, gallery walk, and a restaurant and bar, allowing local families and tourists to intermix. The user experience is guided by a design language of curvature forms, inspired by the continuous flow between music notes and the form of sound waves. This design language serves as guidance for circulation within each level of the building and creates an experience for visitors where they can be educated on music, appreciate the town’s music history, and celebrate with live music at the restaurant and bar. The global decision’s objective is to visually represent the concept as a connecting element within each floor of the building. The main staircase reveals how continuous geometry forms can connect different spaces through the inspiration of soundwaves.
Art Exhibition