Isabelle Tickle

Isabelle Tickle immerses herself in the design world and serves as the President of IDSO, the interior design student organization at SJSU. As president, she channels her passion for fostering connections through design to unite students in her community. Additionally, Isabelle has worked as an intern for Revel Architects and Kristi Will Interior Design, allowing her to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. Beyond aesthetics, she recognizes that empathy is vital to great design. Isabelle's leadership in IDSO and her experience with Revel and Kristi Will have not only helped refine her technical skills but also helped cultivate a deeper understanding of the human element in design, a quality she believes is indispensable for any aspiring designer.

Blue Lagoo

After picking up a piece of used furniture from Facebook Marketplace, I was challenged to redesign the chair into functional art. After creating some initial sketches to reimagine how I could integrate the dominant oval shape throughout the rest of the piece, I laser cut a new base with inset acrylic and drilled pilot holes on the back to create a weaving pattern that inspired the name of the piece, Blue Lagoon.
Furniture Design

Biome Makers

Biome Makers is a startup tech company that strives to help make farms more sustainable through soil testing. During this project, I aimed to design a space that resonates with the company's science-driven, transparent, leadership, and sustainable mission. To nod to Biome makers innovative and science-driven company, a custom test tube chandelier was displayed in the lobby to portray the company’s mission to clients from the moment they walk through the door. Custom glass capsules housing the shared offices and private phone rooms represent the company's mission of transparency. Unassigned open office desks allow for leadership, while material selection was carefully considered to align with Biome Maker’s strive for sustainability.
Tenant Improvement

5 Senses of Madrid

Despite Madrid's vibrant atmosphere, there needs to be more support for Madrid's local youth. Around 80% of Spaniards under 30 still reside with their parents due to the lack of opportunities for independent success, resulting in a feeling of exclusion among the younger population. Determined to address this issue, we designed an engaging and inclusive space to empower and inspire Madrid's youth. Extensive research revealed that traditional exhibition spaces, focused solely on visual experiences, often fail to captivate younger audiences. Instead, we recognized the importance of engaging all five senses—sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing—to create an immersive and stimulating environment. Thus, the concept of Five Senses of Madrid was born: an innovative art center designed to resonate with the city's youth, providing a welcoming and empowering haven within their urban landscape.
Art Exhibition