Ilayda Durgut

Hi, my name is Ilayda Durgut. Growing up in various countries across the Middle East and coming from a multicultural background - my parents being from Turkey and Russia - has greatly influenced my appreciation for design nuances across different cultures. Surrounded by art and creativity throughout my upbringing and inspired by my father's work as an engineer on airport projects, my passion for design and architecture was ignited at an early age. My exceeding goal is to craft spaces that resonate with individuals, fostering connections and leaving a lasting impact. I believe in the transformative power of environments and strive to tell stories through design, creating meaningful experiences for those who experience them. I strive in space planning, material selection, and furniture curation. I find immense joy in the creativity of Interior Design, and I believe that the spaces we surround ourselves with have a profound impact on our well-being and mental state. I am passionate about the notion that when we inhabit a space that resonates with us, we feel more inspired. Furthermore, I have observed that many interior spaces that we visit on a daily basis lack thoughtful consideration of human function and patterns, resulting in less functional environments. As an interior designer, I am committed to creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also support human functions, ensuring that every design enhances the lives of its occupants. Outside of Interior Design, I enjoy painting and sketching, hobbies I've cherished since a young age. Additionally, I love photography, specializing in lifestyle and prop styling.

Billabong Pop Up Shop

Billabong is an Australian merchant company established in 1969, which is known for producing clothing for surf and ocean lovers. The project goal was to create a wellness and retail airstream pop-up shop with merchandise, rentable surfboards, and healthy refreshments that represents the brand image. The airstream is designed to be a temporary pop-up store that travels between beach towns offering service to the people in the area.

Lucid Spoke

The design challenge of this project was to translate a microscopic image into a lighting fixture based on the study and analysis of the chosen image. My design solution involved extracting elements from the image and incorporating them into the lamp’s overall shape and shadows it casts. Lucid Spoke is a table lamp that embodies the essence of ambient lighting, infusing any space with ambiance while creating soft warm shadows on the walls created through the geometric folds of its vellum construction.
Lighting Design

Revive Denim

The design goal of this project was to craft a sustainable product predominantly from repurposed materials, prioritizing both ecological consciousness and durability. Building on to this idea I decided to transform an old IKEA stool that was no longer used due to it’s original structure getting loose making it dysfunctional. Paying close attention to the weaving technique, with particular emphasis on integrating old denim, renowned for its robustness, into the cotton rope structure following the pattern. Through attentive weaving and secure fastening around the stool’s frame, a new seating solution was achieved, embodying sustainability but also versatility, suited for various spaces and uses.
Weaving Workshop

Madrid Culture Factory

The main goal of this project was to design a space mirroring the outdoor lifestyle embraced by locals, providing a sense of comfort and recognition in a new environment. My teammates and I converted the building into a lively center full of cultural activity, embodying the neighborhood’s essence. A canvas illuminating the connection between people and art. The process of making something simple become aesthetically pleasing, highlighting the importance of the simple things that bring us joy.
Multipurpose Event Building