Elsa Faretta

As a graduating senior majoring in Interior Design at San Jose State University, Elsa is incredibly passionate about the arts. This passion has been with her since a young age and was further fueled by her love for video games, which helped her discover her interest in creating spaces. Additionally, she owes much of her passion to her mother, who shares her love for decorating and has passed on her knowledge and interests. Elsa’s ultimate goal is to create a visceral impact on people through her designs. She believes design can evoke emotions, establish a connection, and transform experiences. She is passionate about leveraging this power to create thought-provoking and meaningful designs that genuinely resonate with people. By focusing on the details and aesthetics, Elsa strives to create visually appealing spaces that convey a more profound message and purpose. Finding ways to unwind and de-stress outside of school can incredibly benefit one's mental health. Elsa enjoys making pottery and playing video games as they allow her to take a break from her studies and engage in fun and creative activities. Making pottery is a soothing experience as she uses her hands to create something beautiful. On the other hand, playing video games helps her escape reality and dive into a different world. Both activities have a positive impact on her mood and help with recharging.