Adrian Aghaie

Born In Germany, and later moving to the U.S in my early teens. I first learned about industrial design when I was about to transfer for mechanical engineering, and I fell in love with the process and in the last minute, I applied to SJSU for Industrial design and never looked back. I’ve learned a lot through my education at SJSU and my studies in Industrial design, which lead me to having a deep appreciation for branding, packaging, sustainability and accessibility. All of these areas for me, intersect at an interesting point where I feel I can express most of my creative freedom and solve problems.

Bloom and Beauty

Bloom and Beauty was imagined when I looked at the current landscape of cosmetics, and how 150 billion pieces of cosmetics packaging is thrown away each year. I created Bloom and Beauty to give back to the earth what we take from it. Using 3D printing, and natural, biodegradable materials such as ground olive pits and sodium bicarbonate, when users finish the product, they can simply plant the included soil and seeds into the ground, and bloom a new life, a plant, into the environment.
Packaging design