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Tule is a poetic 2D animated mixed media short film championing awareness and hope. In our story, a modern day Pomo girl is empowered through poetic reflection on conversations with her Native community about the culturally vital, but now suffering, tule plant at Clear Lake. A young Pomo girl serves as the narrator of our project. Her poetic contemplations ring true with convictions shared by her Pomo community at Clear Lake, California. She revels in the local nature’s glory, but dread strikes when she faces today’s careless pollution damage that impedes cultural practices. To emphasize authenticity, the poem the team wrote is based on interviews they organized with the local community at Clear Lake. Our Director, Jocelyn Garcia, is driven to create contemporary representation for her Native community and the issues they face today. With this film, she and the team aim to amplify that message by sharing the tule plant’s cultural and environmental significance, encourage audience members to connect with their local Indigenous groups, and ultimately provide hope for restoring sacred places.