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re:connection is a 3D animated short film about a mechanic, her robot companion, and the path they take to reconnect their relationship. Inspired by real-life experiences, the Mechanic must learn to take accountability for hurting her closest friend. The story of the Mechanic, who is overwhelmed by the demands of her employer, and the Robot, who is energetic and always wanting to play, came from our team’s own experiences with tackling workloads, balancing relationships, and pushing aside the things we love. Set in a solarpunk future where robot and human life are intertwined, our film’s environment blends comforting cuteness with sprawling technology to emphasize the struggle in our characters' relationship. The stylized look of re:connection is grounded in visual elements found in 2D art. We use Flair, a real-time non-photorealistic rendering engine for Maya, to bring our film’s graphic, hand painted style to life. Our expressive stylized characters, detailed 3D sets, and colorful, painterly look are inspired by works like Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Slime Rancher, Spider-Verse, and Arcane. This film hopes to inspire viewers to reflect on their own relationships. Even if your bonds with your loved ones have changed, you can take the first step to reconnect.