Interior Design

Senior Show



May 18th, 2023


Pivot Interiors Santa Clara Showroom

Interior Design and Architecture transformed people's life. A good design is not just satisfying function & aesthetics; it cares about our motherly earth and sustainability.

Diana Seah Program Coordinator

The Interior Design program at SJSU is one of the top three interior design programs in California and one of the most prestigious interior design programs in a public university. The program focuses on innovative workplace strategies, creative design processes, interactive and adaptable environments using AR and VR, and fabrication through emerging technologies such as 3D printing, all through the lens of sustainability.

IDENTITY represents the design journey that the 20 graduating BFA in Interior Design students have experienced for the past years at SJSU. These graduating seniors have been searching for their strengths and talents . Over the course of the program, they gradually find their niche – their identities as designers, which they get to share at the 2023 IDENTITY Senior Show

Our 2023 seniors, have a strong design focus on technology combine with function & aesthetic quality. Their four years of education at San Jose State have highlighted projects that will affect future generations as well  as the world.

THANK YOU to our sponsors PIVOT Interiors, Miller Knoll, SJSU Associated Students, Dunn Edwards, BFA Alumni 2022 and A Plus Racking to make our Senior Show possible